Help with interpretive feedback-percent tool

I’d like to provide interpretive feedback with this percent tool.
Students would enter their solution in the math box and then the percent tool would fill up to that amount.
I’m unsure of how to get the graph to put on the brakes of filling up at a specific value entered after being submitted.
I have the graph setup to read these values from the math input. For this example, the part is unknown, so in the math CL, I have it set to: part=this.latex
Here’s the graph CL setup so far…

percent= answer.script.percent
part= answer.script.part
whole= answer.script.whole

thanks for any help on this!

When you want to send values to the calculator, you will want to use the number sink. Right now they are just set as variables in the graph CL, but not getting sent to the calculator. And since the input is a number, you want to use numericValue instead of latex.

number(`p_{art}`): math1.numericValue

I wasn’t sure if you wanted the bar to instantly fill up on submit or if you wanted it to animate, so I added a bunch of other things for the latter. Feel free to dig in and ask questions! [Copy of] Percent Tool- Interpretive Feedback • Activity Builder by Desmos

That worked!
Now, one last thing on this one…
how about a check mark (or warning sign) to appear?
I added the images to the graph, but can’t get them to appear after the animation is complete.

I’m guessing you have a conditional set for the image, something like {t_0>0}? I think I set the animation to last 2 seconds, so you could change it to {t_0>2}. This would mean it would only appear after the timer reaches 2 seconds.

That worked perfect!
I created two more screens so there is now a choice between:
part unknown? total unknown? and percent unknown.

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