Feedback in note for computation involving math input

It’s me again. I have buttons working great now, but I’m working on having some feedback for students based on computations involving numbers generated from the graph and the constant 250000. The problem is on screen 6 - Rockets Away. The CL I have doesn’t show? any errors that I can see, but it’s not working and I can’t see what I’m missing here. Again, any help you can provide is very much appreciated. I’m getting better at this, but still lots to learn.

Hi Mike! I got this to work, but I can’t fully explain it, as I am learning the CL. It seemed to be some syntax and combining latex and numeric values.

Here is the link. I hope it is helpful!

Hi Sheryl!
I’m still not seeing the feedback show when I preview screens 5 and 6. Not sure what’s up. I’d like for the feedback to show up after they submit their explanation, but at this point, I’ll take it once they submit their answer. Thanks for diving in to help! I’ll keep tinkering away. :slight_smile:

Hi Mike! Any new discoveries on this? Did you see Fantastic and Try Again appear? I can check the activity link of my version to resend or a copy of the code that worked for me to display the feedback.

As I was reviewing, I didn’t have the “explain your thinking” option checked on the Input6 Math Response. I added an extra note component to check the values for feedback, and it looks like the additional note disabled the checkbox. Once I got the explanation box back (by deleting the note component), I didn’t know how to access it with CL to confirm an explanation was submitted to display the feedback. I saw a workaround in the forum where someone used a free response instead of the built-in option on the Math Response.

I am continuing to tinker with it to understand the nuances of CL.

Hi Michael, there are a couple things here that I think will help solve your problem. The first is that in your feedback note, your conditions are essentially:
if submitted and correct “fantastic!”
if submitted and correct “try again”
otherwise blank.

I would recommend creating a condition for when it is considered correct, and then in the content of the note you can just say when its submitted and correct “fantastic” when submitted and incorrect “try again” otherwise “”.

The other thing is that your current condition for correctness is not actually comparing numbers, it is comparing the latex. Here is my overall recommendation for the note component:

correct = Input6.numericValue = numericValue(`${firstDefinedValue(btn3Stop.lastValue("distance"),0)}-${250000}`) or numericValue(`${Input6.numericValue}(-1)`) = numericValue(`${(250000)}-${firstDefinedValue(btn3Stop.lastValue("distance"),0)}`) 

content: when Input6.submitted and correct "Fantastic!" 
when Input6.submitted and not(correct) "Try again"
otherwise "" 

Does this help?


A condition! I knew there had to be a way to be a way to do this and I just couldn’t get it. Now that you’ve shared the idea of creating a condition for when it is considered correct, it all falls into place. Thank you for your help with this. I’m adding this to my notes for future use.

Thanks, again.

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