Help with self-checking "multi-select" response questions

Does anyone know if it’s possible for a multi-select question to be self-checking with four correct responses? The only examples I can find have only two options and I can not figure out how to alter the CL to include four correct instead of just two.

I am trying to fix slide 10 on this presentation and any help is much appreciated!

It seems to be working for me. There is an error in your note code… it references E, but does not have it there.

It is also working when I look at it. To remove the error, add


in the note on slide 10

Thanks for responding! It does seem to be working but when I select two that are correct, for example, the prompt says all four are correct. Or when I select C and/or D, nothing comes up feedback wise.

Done! I am not getting any feedback though when, for example, when C and/or D is selected. And the feedback when only two correct are selected is that all four are correct. Thanks for the help!

I don’t see anything in there right now, but generally for a multiselect to be marked correct, all correct answers should be selected (use and's) and not any of the incorrect (or's)

correct: (correct1 and correct2 and correct3) 
         and not(incorrect1 or incorrect2)