Multi Select Self Checking

I can not figure out why this is being silly, please help!

On slide 8 I have a mutli select problem. I have coded in the correct answers using this code:
check = choice4.isSelected(1) and choice4.isSelected(4) and not(choice4.isSelected(2)) and not(choice4.isSelected(3))
correct: check

No errors on the code are popping up. The graph component is marked as readonly:true. However it will still not display a check mark on the teacher dashboard. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

FDP Conversion

When I copied the slide, it was showing the check in the dashboard preview with the code you already have. :white_check_mark:

The dashboard preview is only visible when you are editing the activity, not when you are looking at the student preview of the published form (I wish it was). Assigning it, I was able to see the check on the summary tab of the teacher dashboard too. I am wondering if maybe you were looking from student preview.

My understanding was that you could see it! It’s up on the top of the student preview screen in a box that is labeled teacher dashboard. I’ll check it again though!

I am looking in the edit mode, it is not working within my activity. Did you copy the entire activity or just the single slide? I’m curious if i have other things worded that are messing it up?

Apologies for the condescending question but are you definitely ticking the correct answers when you’re testing the slide, bearing in mind they’re randomised so it’s not just 1 and 4 each time? I’ve tested it and it seems to work without making any changes to your code:

That having been said, given that you’ve also set the correct answers on the multiple choice itself, you can just use check = this.matchesKey rather than having to hardcode the various isSelected and not(isSelected)

you’re totally right, that’s totally what i was doing! Not a condescending question at all!