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I just took my first stab at creating a test on desmos and am having three small issues.

  1. I know that I can restrict the last two slides on here using the teacher dashboard, but there is a way to “hide” those slides from students without having to use the pacing from teacher dashboard.
  2. On slide 30 I can’t seem to figure out how to do the decimal rounding to just two decimals for the percentage
  3. Also on slide 30 I think there is something wrong with my CL for the student feedback based on what their percentage is for the overall grade.

Here is link to the desmos test.

Also so much credit for this test even happening goes out to all the amazing desmos creators!!!

Thanks in advance.

  1. To hide those slides without pacing, you could put an input at the top of the slide and conditionally hide the other components based on a “correct” input. This essentially turns the page into something that is password protected. The problem is that you would need to input the password for each student to view their results. I did this with assessments last spring because I forgot to turn on the pacing and a few students were able to see the answer key at the end. Whoops!

  2. Try this to help with the rounding in slide 30. This should go in your table component and replace the variable you previously assigned.

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thank you so much for your help Chris!

For #1, maybe you could aggregate that input, and use a total to show/hide for all students.

numberList(`R`): aggregate(when input.content="password" 1 otherwise 0)
showResults= numericValue("\total(R)")

Then, use hidden: component.script.showResults=0 for your table or whatever component(s) for displaying results. That way it doesn’t matter which student you enter it for.

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