Lock Desmos Graph

I’m new to Desmos, thanks to COVID-19, but wish to say thank you to the developers of this incredible tool.

I’m not a teacher, but I do consider my self an educator.

For my first Desmos project I’ve written a ‘script’ to support a webinar I’m giving on focusing in photography.

The Desmos script shows ‘everything’ there is to know on focusing, eg infinity focusing, diffraction, depth of field, and focus stacking.

One big question I have is, does Desmos have a way to lock its code, so the user can only use the sliders etc, ie code inside folders is not accessible. Also, sliders min and max can’t be changed.

If Desmos doesn’t have this functionality, is there a way to request this feature.

Once again, many thanks to the Desmos developers, for a great tool.



I know how to hide the functions themselves, but i think that you still want them to access to the sliders from the function right

If something is inside a folder, there is a check box that says ‘Hide this folder from students’. For sliders, you just need to click where the number shows and the bounds should show (inside the bar, but below the value). They initially show as blank lines and default from -10 to 10.

Thanks for the replies, however, I’m still rather lost.

I don’t see any check box that says hide from teachers and, yes, I want the slider to work.

I guess Desmos doesn’t have the functionality I was looking for.

I’ll just have to accept users can tweak the code.

Once again: thanks for replying.

It does (Edit: See next post as well). Here’s a picture of a folder with the checkbox (and below how to edit the slider):

Here a=5 with a slider that goes from -100 to 100. Below is b=5 showing where to change the bounds (i.e. -100<=b<=100)

So, changing the bounds of the slider is available in both the Activity Builder on teacher.desmos.com and on the Desmos calculator. You can’t hide folders directly in Desmos calculator.

However, you can do all of your work in the Activity Builder graph, hide the folders, then scroll all the way to the bottom and click “edit graph on Desmos” then, in the graph that opens in Desmos calculator, hidden folders will not be visible.


Many thanks, I get the difference now, i.e. Between teacher mode and ‘non teacher’, or calculator, mode.

One final question if I may. If I have created a worksheet in the calculator mode, can I open that in the teacher mode, or will I need to type it all in again?



If you copy the calculator URL, you can paste that in the first open line in the calculator in the activity builder. Like magic, everything will appear!

…but it will eliminate anything else that was already in the graph. Not so much a paste as an overwrite.


Many thanks for all your support and advise. I now see the full power of Desmos.

Cheers and stay safe