Hiding a component and timeSincePressed

So I’m finding this strange. I want to show a picture and a button, press the button, starting a timer. After 8 seconds (in my example) the picture hides. That’s slide one in my activity. Works fine.

Slide two, I added a note component, that behaves like the picture – hides after 8 seconds. Works fine.

Slide three is where it gets odd. I change the direction of the inequality in the hidden statement from >= to <=. Then the whole thing gets wonky. The button needs to be pressed twice, it doesn’t show the time, etc.

I don’t understand. Any help would be much appreciated. Gotta keep learning. Thanks!

Maybe some kind of bug. Looks like something with your pressCount is messed up because it should disable after the first press, so probably that that’s not registering and not the timeSincePress.

Thanks for the report!

This was indeed a bug, should be fixed now!

Thanks so much for the typically prompt response. Y’all are the best.