Highlight and Copy more than 1 cell in a Graph Component

I am finding copying graph components tedious because I have been copying one cell at a time.
I know you can copy the url of a graph component and paste it into a new component, but it overwrites the cells already there.
Is there a way to highlight, copy and paste multiple cells at a time?

If the graph component you are copying from has no folders in it, then you can paste it as a folder into a new component that may or may not have folders. If pasted as a folder it will not overwrite what is already there.

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Oh, I see, you can paste the URL into the folder note, nice. There is no way to copy folders from the graph component though? How do you make the graph component entries into the calculator page so you can copy the URL?

With a graph component if you edit the graph and go to the bottom you will see edit page of desmos. When you click on that it will open up into a normal desmos graphing calculator. From there you can then copy the link. Easier than retyping or copying line by line. I typically save a few calculators that I might use often like for animating.

Excellent, thank you for your help!