Copying graph from activity then editing

I made a very extensive graph that I need to be able to copy the graph but then make a few slight alterations on a different slide. Is that possible? I know when I duplicate it, i can’t make any changes.

You want to copy the parts of a graph on one slide to another? You can scroll to the bottom and click on the “open in desmos” option. It’ll open up in the graphing calc. Then you can go into share in the graphing calc, copy the url, and paste the url into the next graph. All of the parts should copy over.


Thank you! That worked!

Are you able to look at my code on slide 4 and help me figure out why the spinner lands in the same location each time? I copied a desmos activity that had a spinner and created my own spinner off it but am having trouble figuring out how to get it to generate new location each time.

You are only creating one random number. To generate a new random number every time you press the button add game1button2.pressCount in the parentheses:

r = randomGenerator(game1button2.pressCount)

Thank you. I am slowly learning this program.

This is amazing! Thanks for this!

I did not know this was a possibility! So glad I Google-searched it before re-typing everything!!! :grinning: