Can I copy a same graph to the next page but not the sketch

Hi community,
When making a Desmos activity, can I copy the same graph with the same settings to the next page while I need to have different components on the next pages?
Now, I don’t know how to do this, so I can only either remake the graph on the next page, or remake all the other components on the next page.

Thank you.

You can copy a graph by opening the graph in a plain desmos window (i.e. not inside activity builder) - there’s a small link below all the equations when looking at a graph inside activity builder that says “open in Desmos” or something like that. In the graph, you can click the button for sharing the graph, and copying that link. Go back into the graph component where you want this and paste the URL into one of the equation rows - the whole graph will be copied. You can also copy a graph (that has no folders) into a folder of an existing graph this way - very helpful for bringing over libraries of functions you have somewhere else.

Do you want essentially the same entire screen? There’s a “Duplicate Screen” option in the three dots menu near “Teacher Tips”. It should function the same as long as the CL is not referencing components with duplicate from other screens (i.e. having duplicate component names that are referenced on the same screen is okay).

If you want the graph to carry over from the previous screen, you can use
background: graphLayer(myGraph.calculatorState)
but be aware that point labels don’t carry over and will need to be more expicitly defined.