History of Student Answers

I am using Desmos Activities for homework while doing hybrid this year, I have my activity to self check, and when students get it wrong I have a message that comes up as try again. Is there a way for me to see their previous answers (if any) that they entered?

You can use capture in a button, and can then access it’s history which is stored as a list. (Which also means you’d need an action button for each answer you want to capture.) You’d probably need some kind of table or something at the end and would need to have something you could edit while looking at an individual’s slide to change the element you’re looking at.
In a table CL:

cellContent(1,2): buttonName.history("answer").element(thisElement)

buttonName would be whichever button is doing the capturing, and “answer” would be whatever that capture is called. So, you’d put a number in cell(1,1) of the table to see that element in the history. You might also want a column showing the length of the list.