Still working on other options for Tests

i am trying other options (other than not allowing students to see the last slide)
to use desmos as a test.

I wanted to have the table appear when they click the button, but also “capture” the grade, and not allow it to change when they make their corrections.

Is this possible? Here is my (shortened) activity. I was playing around with the code, but I can’t figure out how to ‘lock’ or “capture” the contents of the cell when the button is hit once.

capture code needs to go in the button CL. I’d do this:

capture(`a2`): tableScore.script.a1
disabled: this.pressCount>0

Then showGrade.lastValue(`a2`) will store the total grade.

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I am not sure of the syntax…I tried some more code if you want to check it out…really confused on what is actually in a2.

I am assuming that the capture puts a1 into a variable a2. Can I then reference

which component gets the showGrade(a2).lastValue ?

I tried a third variable, a3 just to see what was in a2…No problem if I am pretty far off. I am just playing around

I appreciate your help…

a2 is a number list of the values captured each time the button is pressed, which will only be one value since the button is disabled after the first press.

Wherever you want to display the grade. I really meant that is how you can access it. So if you want it in a note:

content: "Your final grade is ${showGrade.lastValue(`a2`)}."

or similarly in a table

cellContent(5,2): `${showGrade.lastValue(`a2`)}`


Code in note:


I am getting “unkown function showGrade” error.
Thanks again for you help…

That’s just an error with the syntax. The variable needs to go after lastValue.

content: "${showGrade.lastValue(`a2`)}"
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That did it…I was experimenting with alternatives to “pacing” for quizzes. That seems to do the trick!

Thanks to EVERYONE…I have been teaching for 35 years, and this desmos CL has been one of the most interesting teaching tools that I have come across in awhile!

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Edited other posts to reflect correct syntax

Thanks again for your help. It is always MUCH APPRECIATED…working like a charm…

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