Capture all wrong answers

I would like to have each answer that is submitted in the math input box be displayed in the table. So first answer goes in first line, then second answer goes in second line. This is so I can see all of their wrong answers. Anyone know how I could accomplish this?

Use the capture and history features of a button (as long as it’s numerical data), which can be done in the input component:

capture("x"): parseOrderedPair(this.latex).x
capture("y"): parseOrderedPair(this.latex).y

Then, in your table CL:


cellContent(1,2): when s>0 "(${x.elementAt(1)}, ${y.elementAt(1)})" otherwise ""
cellContent(2,2): when s>1 "(${x.elementAt(2)}, ${y.elementAt(2)})" otherwise ""
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