How can I create a List from CL Layer

I am trying to create the Ace or King game for a Statistics class, and I would like the results of each round of drawn cards to populate the result in the table. I am thinking the easiest way to populate the Win or Loss in the table is to Access the element a List of results. Is there a way to populate a list with a 1 or 2 each time a round is finished for a total of 15 rounds? I have not been able to find any examples to help me modify the code.

Here is my activity

Here’s a solution, but I guarantee there’s a better method by relying on the graphing calculator more.

Add this to the graph component:

number(`W`): when Card.number(`n`)=1 and ((Card.number(`E[1]`)=50 and Card.number(`E[3]`)=50) or (Card.number(`E[2]`)=50 and Card.number(`E[4]`)=50 and Card.number(`E[5]`)=50)) 1 otherwise 2

numberList(`w`): button1.history("w")

Add this to the button component:

capture("w"): Card.number(`W`)

And finally, add this to the table:

cellContent(1,2): when button1.pressCount>1 and Card.numberList(`w`).elementAt(2)=1 "Win" when button1.pressCount>1 and Card.numberList(`w`).elementAt(2)=2 "Lose" otherwise ""
cellContent(2,2): when button1.pressCount>4 and Card.numberList(`w`).elementAt(5)=1 "Win" when button1.pressCount>4 and Card.numberList(`w`).elementAt(5)=2 "Lose" otherwise ""
cellContent(3,2): when button1.pressCount>7 and Card.numberList(`w`).elementAt(8)=1 "Win" when button1.pressCount>7 and Card.numberList(`w`).elementAt(8)=2 "Lose" otherwise ""
cellContent(4,2): when button1.pressCount>10 and Card.numberList(`w`).elementAt(11)=1 "Win" when button1.pressCount>10 and Card.numberList(`w`).elementAt(11)=2 "Lose" otherwise ""
cellContent(5,2): when button1.pressCount>13 and Card.numberList(`w`).elementAt(14)=1 "Win" when button1.pressCount>13 and Card.numberList(`w`).elementAt(14)=2 "Lose" otherwise ""
cellContent(6,2): when button1.pressCount>16 and Card.numberList(`w`).elementAt(17)=1 "Win" when button1.pressCount>16 and Card.numberList(`w`).elementAt(17)=2 "Lose" otherwise ""
cellContent(7,2): when button1.pressCount>19 and Card.numberList(`w`).elementAt(20)=1 "Win" when button1.pressCount>19 and Card.numberList(`w`).elementAt(20)=2 "Lose" otherwise ""
cellContent(8,2): when button1.pressCount>22 and Card.numberList(`w`).elementAt(23)=1 "Win" when button1.pressCount>22 and Card.numberList(`w`).elementAt(23)=2 "Lose" otherwise ""
cellContent(9,2): when button1.pressCount>25 and Card.numberList(`w`).elementAt(26)=1 "Win" when button1.pressCount>25 and Card.numberList(`w`).elementAt(26)=2 "Lose" otherwise ""
cellContent(10,2): when button1.pressCount>28 and Card.numberList(`w`).elementAt(29)=1 "Win" when button1.pressCount>28 and Card.numberList(`w`).elementAt(29)=2 "Lose" otherwise ""
cellContent(11,2): when button1.pressCount>31 and Card.numberList(`w`).elementAt(32)=1 "Win" when button1.pressCount>31 and Card.numberList(`w`).elementAt(32)=2 "Lose" otherwise ""
cellContent(12,2): when button1.pressCount>34 and Card.numberList(`w`).elementAt(35)=1 "Win" when button1.pressCount>34 and Card.numberList(`w`).elementAt(35)=2 "Lose" otherwise ""
cellContent(13,2): when button1.pressCount>37 and Card.numberList(`w`).elementAt(38)=1 "Win" when button1.pressCount>37 and Card.numberList(`w`).elementAt(38)=2 "Lose" otherwise ""
cellContent(14,2): when button1.pressCount>40 and Card.numberList(`w`).elementAt(41)=1 "Win" when button1.pressCount>40 and Card.numberList(`w`).elementAt(41)=2 "Lose" otherwise ""
cellContent(15,2): when button1.pressCount>43 and Card.numberList(`w`).elementAt(44)=1 "Win" when button1.pressCount>43 and Card.numberList(`w`).elementAt(44)=2 "Lose" otherwise ""

This was a fun challenge, so I kept working on it. :grin:

This works the same as the previous suggestion, but it uses less CL and more of the calculator. I’ll just share the link so you can take a look at the differences. I heavily commented the changes in the graphing calculator and made comments on any CL that is needed/changed.

Thank you so much. I knew there was a way to do it with a capture feature, but I have not wrapped my head around how to code those yet. This is so much better than the student having to select win or lose from a MC question and having 15 of them.