How to automatically fill in the table?

Students will draw a card and if it is a face card, they will win $100. Otherwise, they will lose $30. As students press the draw button it will randomize a card. I want to be able to use what they draw to automatically fill in the table instead of having them fill it in by hand. How should I go about this?

I’d create a list, L, in the graph with 100 and -30 using whatever conditions to determine a win or loss, then something like this for each cell:

cellContent(1,2): when button1.pressCount<1 "" otherwise "${graph.number(`L[1]`)}"
cellContent(2,2): when button1.pressCount<2 "" otherwise "${graph.number(`L[2]`)}"

How do I go about creating a list?

You’ll create the list in the calculator. Here’s an example of a very similar activity. How can I create a List from CL Layer - #3 by cwinske

What values from the card history result in $100?