Copy a list from previous slide

Hello all!

I’m trying to have my students create a list (using the graphing calculator) on one slide in the activity builder, and then use that same list throughout the activity.

Is there a way to do this? Establish a list on one slide to reference throughout the activity?

If you direct them to give it a specific name (e.g. L=[1,2,3,5,7]) , then you can later use graph.numberList(`L`) to reference it.

Not working just yet – I’m sure I have a small coding error, somewhere…

Any suggestions?

In your slide 4 graph CL, K= only attempts to create a variable in the CL. It won’t put it into the graph (you also can’t have lists as variables in CL). You need to use a sink. You can also use W again if you want, instead of K, as I’m doing below.

numberList(`W`): Calc2.numberList(`W`)

You don’t need anything in the graph for it to be created, but you won’t see it.
If you want students to actually see the list of numbers, you’ll need to use a table in the graph. I’d prefill the first column with 1-16 since you want that many elements, and title the second column W, then you’ll see all the elements of the list.

It worked!!! It worked!!! TY Desmos ninja!!!

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