How divide in computational layer

I’m showing the CL code for Student Points at the end of a Desmos Assessment.

I’d like to find the total points earned by a student. Slide 1 is a card sort with 6 cards. Line 1 in CL gives the total number of correct cards rather than the total number of matching cards. When a student answers correctly, they earn 6 points but I would like the score to be 3. Is there a way to ‘divide’ the totalCorrectCards by 2 to show the correct number of matches?

In other words - it would be helpful to divide my variable ‘one’ by 2.

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

My Current CL code

one = Sort1.totalCorrectCards
two = when (MC1.matchesKey) 1 otherwise 0
three = when (MC3.isSelected(1)) 1 otherwise 0
four = when (ans4.numericValue=5) 1 otherwise 0
five = when (MC5.isSelected(1)) 1 otherwise 0
six = when (MC6.isSelected(4)) 1 otherwise 0

content: “This student’s score is {numericValue("{one}+{two}+{three}+{four}+{five}+${six}”)}"

You can use numericValue() and any latex string to do calculations in CL. For division, you need to use the fraction structure, which is \frac{num}{denom}. You can replace your last line with:

value = numericValue("\frac{${one}}{2}+${two}+${three}+${four}+${five}+${six}")
msg = "The student's score is ${value}."

content: msg