How do I show that the student's input equation is correct?

I have been trying to figure it out but just unsure of how coding in Desmos works. Is there a way to code something that I can copy over to all the slides that will check the equation the student inputs?

Could you be more specific. Let me know what a correct answer for a specific slide might be and I can show you an example of how to do it.


For example, slide 4’s answer is f(x) = -(x+5)(x-31/8)
However, I dont know how to show the students if they get the correct answer

Hi Winnie, hopefully I’m not too late to helpful here. I made an activity with some examples of how you might give feedback to students: link.

On the first screen of the activity, I included some CL in the math input component. You could extend this to provide some basic feedback in your activity. The strategy I used here was to make sure that the student’s function evaluates to the expected values for the given points.

On second and third screens, I had some fun and added some feedback in the graph. I tried to make it easy to edit for new problems. Have a look and let me know if it’s helpful!