Pull a student equation from one slide into another

So I will start this off with there is no concrete reason I need to do this other than I am just trying to see what I can do with Desmos.

On one slide I have students turning words into an expression (i.e three times a numer plus 3 is 9) , I have the students typing the expression into a math input. On the next slide I would like to have desmos pull the equation they wrote and have them solve it, ideally the slide would show the equation they typed previously.

I hope that all makes sense and any help would be great.

How’s this? This will only register correct on the second slide if the initial equation was correct, but you could use a graph to correct any equation a student gives and solves.

Also, the student must use n here, so you may want to specify to use n. However, you could add more parameters to differenceFunction and evaluateAt, but that gets a little messy in the code.

Yes this is perfect thank you!

I did not create this set of slides, only modified it, so I can not take credit for the coding but slide 4 has another method.