How do I write a list in CL?

I hope this is simple. I have a when…otherwise where I want the otherwise to just be a single [0] list. How do I type this into CL? Feeling very rusty…

numberList(B): when x=1 aggregate(scales1.number(c))
when x=2 aggregate(scales2.number(c))
otherwise [0]


Does it matter if it’s [0] or [0,0,0,0,…,0]? You can use aggregate(0) I believe, but I also think this will make a number list of 0s according to how many students there are.

Plan B is probably have a number list B_1 and B - then set B_1 from the aggregate in CL, and in the graph have
B = {total(B_1)>0: B_1, [0]} or similar.