How do I write a list in CL?

I hope this is simple. I have a when…otherwise where I want the otherwise to just be a single [0] list. How do I type this into CL? Feeling very rusty…

numberList(B): when x=1 aggregate(scales1.number(c))
when x=2 aggregate(scales2.number(c))
otherwise [0]


Does it matter if it’s [0] or [0,0,0,0,…,0]? You can use aggregate(0) I believe, but I also think this will make a number list of 0s according to how many students there are.

Plan B is probably have a number list B_1 and B - then set B_1 from the aggregate in CL, and in the graph have
B = {total(B_1)>0: B_1, [0]} or similar.

Hey, You can use the list of code to select the appropriate command for the function you want. List have all the CL command which you can write any thing. Just have it look. :heart_eyes: