How do you plot a coordinate pair that was entered directly into a table?

I want to be able to plot the vertex entered by the student.

This hasn’t worked:

vertex_string = table1.cellContent(1,1) ##I have also tried (1,2), (2,1), (2,2) in case I’m referencing the wrong
cell number
point = parseOrderedPair(vertex_string)




Hey Jose,

First of all, the code looks great, everything is mostly where is should be! There are a couple of things that could be going wrong, small stuff that could be the difference:

  1. Tables are referenced as (row,column) so your empty cells now are (1,2) (2,2) and (3,2).
  2. After you’ve created numeric values for x_1 and y_1 you need to tell the calculator to plot them as a coordinate point. Go into the calculator and type in (x_1,y_1)

I made you a working copy. Good luck!

Hi Jay! I am trying to copy the code from this post and am failing miserably! I am creating an exploration for standard and factored forms of a quadratic and how each form reveals an intercept…so I want the points for the intercept to populate to the graph when the students writes them in the table so that it is naturally checking. However, I can’t get the ordered pairs to populate to the graph. I appreciate any help you can offer!

OR…see the attached screenshot. Is there anyway that after a student select the intercepts on the graph they can stay up even when the student is writing in another component on the screen?

Add this to the first line in your graph CL (or change the name of your table from “table1” to “table”):


Currently, the CL is trying to find a component named “table”, but your table is named “table1”.

I am trying to copy the code from this post and am failing miserably!

Not at all!! Two really small things:

  1. You can’t put the dash for x-intercept in a variable name, We usually use camel caps xIntercept, but just deleting it works.
  2. Daniel mentioned it, your table is named table1 not “table”