Regression on points in a table

I have a table that I want students to find specific values from a quadratic equation. Then I’d like to graph the quadratic from those points.

I can write a regression using a table in the graph, but how do I input the table values from table component into the table in the graph component?

I found @Jay’s post

using regression Y~aX^2+bX+c and the numberList in CL for X and Y from the table I can graph it. BUT. How do I guarantee that the second point will always be the vertex?

I need a third point. I can use symmetry to get a third point, but how do I append that to the X & Y numberLists?

width=|${table1.cellContent(1,2)}-${table1.cellContent(1,3)}| gets me the parabola width from y-intercept and vertex but how do I append a new value based on that to the lists?

Here’s what I’m working with:

I’m trying to achieve the same thing here but doing it hardcoded in the graph component in this activity, and injecting the y-intercept and (h,k) vertex. the test condition isn’t working here and neither is the actual graph…

*edit: fixed with my solution

I didn’t realize cellContent() and cellNumericValue() start row counts from row 2 and skip the header row!