Plotting coords from a table

Hi - I am trying to set up a couple of screens where people are asked to enter coordinates of points 5 units from the origin on screen 1, then get it to check to see if they have entered something in both cells before letting them try another set of coordinates

I am then going to aggregate the entries for the whole group and (hopefully) have a nice circle on the second screen. I think I have got the table building correctly but I don’t understand how to stop it adding the points to the graph number list until the button has been pressed. So ideally, I capture the current columns from the table each time the button is clicked (as I have got it so the button isn’t available until 2 numerical entries have been put it in). However, you can’t capture columns so I am a bit confused - can anyone explain how to get it to capture the table only after the button is pressed? I am trying to prevent someone adding only and x or y value and leaving the other cell blank which would then completely mess up the joined lists on the second screen. I have used lots of ideas from people on this forum to get this far but I have got stuck now!

Thank you so much for any help,


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This is certainly not the most elegant solution, but it works: [Copy of] Locus of circle point from table • Activity Builder by Desmos

I added a number sink to the graph that will track how many times the button has been clicked. The ordered pair (p,q) will only display up to the element at the click-count. So if you fill in Row 1 but haven’t clicked “Try It” it won’t display the ordered pair. Then it will display the first ordered pair once it’s been clicked, and while students modify their answer to Row 2, Row 1 continues to be displayed.

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I have a different solution, using a single input, but sending those to a table for display. I tried to put notes for everything to help explain:

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Thank you to both of you! Those templates are amazing!