How to create activity with transformation of shapes

I am trying to create a lesson with squares that can rotate and translate. How do I do this? I have all of my shapes created.

I have made an activity earlier in the year where the student does the transformation on a whiteboard and types the answer in a table. The animations in the graph might be helpful for you. Basically, you’ll want to use timeSincePress as a variable in the graph so that the squares move. Let me know if you have any questions as I’m sure the expressions in my activity aren’t very organized.

Here’s a function I made for rotating a point about another point. Instead of a single point for P, you can use a list and rotate a polygon by using the format below the link.

Rotating a Point around a Center (you don’t need the folder titled Example Shown)

polygon(R(P,C,d)) where P is the list of vertices of your preimage, C is the center of rotation, and d is the degrees of rotation clockwise.

Thank you!! This is exactly what I needed.

This is a very helpful thread. The first post was really helpful in trying out transformations and having a way for students to see their answer. Thanks!