How to express all integers in Desmos calculator for periodic domains

Hi guys!

Maybe it’s a basic question, but right now I don’t see it.

I am trying to express the asymptotes of the tangent in all it’s domain, not only the ones I have provided in the matrix. Is there a way to tell desmos calculator all integers? To express n as all integers? Or at least to write it in any other ways that works for all the domain?

Thank you very much!

Modified someone’s solution here. Basically, a function divided by it’s derivative set equal to zero, so


Thank you. It does work but partially as it repeats every pi/2 instead every pi.
Maybe my lack of Math skills to build the exact equation that fits my needs.

Thank you!

So just change it to 2tanx/sec^2x=0!

Thank you Daniel,
It does not work :frowning:


Yeah, that was silly. And, sorry, it finds asymptotes and inflection points, thus the problem.