Math input to graph

Hi! I want my students to be able to enter a rational function and have it graph the function they entered. I have attached the start of my activity here. In this activity, I have given them the initial latex of r(x)=(x-a)/((x-b)(x-c)) and I want them to choose values of a, b, and c between -10 and 10, replace those in the latex and then have the graph show up to the left. In addition, I want the lines x=b and x=c to show up as vertical asymptotes.

How can I do that?

Hi @Julia_Smith,
Here’s my attempt. [Copy of] Properties of Rationals Functions • Activity Builder by Desmos
I’m not experienced with the pattern matcher, so I didn’t dare try it from that approach. Instead, I created the function inside the graph using interpolation to solve for a, b, and c. My first attempt failed in the case where either b or c was equal to a so I tried to make that edge case more unlikely to cause problems. At any rate, I’m sure there is some way to use the pattern matcher, but perhaps this workaround will suffice.

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