Image of a graph in MC

So I am giving a test to remote students, I have all the multiple choice and math inputs hidden when they hit a submit button, but I have graphs as options for for one question and I’d like the graph to show up showing the students answer. Here is a link to the activity it is slide 5. I currently have this for my code on other multiple choices on a blank note.
when turnin.pressCount>0 and choice4.isSelected(1) “You answered {choice4.choiceContent(1)}." when turnin.pressCount>0 and choice4.isSelected(2) "You answered {choice4.choiceContent(2)}.”
when turnin.pressCount>0 and choice4.isSelected(3) “You answered {choice4.choiceContent(3)}." when turnin.pressCount>0 and choice4.isSelected(4) "You answered {choice4.choiceContent(4)}.”
otherwise “”

You won’t be able to display an image or graph within a note component. One way to do this would be to make a graph component that’s hidden until the last button is pressed. Inside the graph, I graphed the four inequalities from the MC, but have them set to conditionally display based on the answer submitted.

Thank you that worked perfect!