Checkbox Screen Images - Need Larger!

Is there a way to make/program checkbox images to be larger or larger when clicked (like on a card sort screen)? I want students to choose among a number of graphs but I’m afraid the images may be too small for many of the students.

Look for the “Dynamic Multiple Choice Graphs Workaround”. It makes 4 graphs in a graph component.

Alternatively, you could have a graph that dynamically shows the graph(s) selected in a multiple choice/checkbox.

The “Dynamic Multiple Choice Graphs Workaround” is interesting but I need more than four and there will be more than one to choose as “correct.”

I’m not sure how you mean for the second part of your response?

To clarify, I have a number of graph images to use where I want students to select the ones that are proportional relationships.

Pretty sure dynamically updating graph answers in mc is not possible.

Sad as I’ve often wanted to do that myself

Not within the MC. For MC’s, you could set one variable to a number based on selection, and in a graph component use that as a restriction for a function, point, or whatever.
In graph CL (for checkboxes you’d want separate variables for each choice):

number(`n`): when MC.isSelected(1) 1
             when MC.isSelected(2) 2
             otherwise 0

In graph:

y=3x+5 {n=1}
y=5x+3 {n=2}
A=(4,2 {n=3})
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Right, just wish it were natively available in the mc itself.