Increase Cream Capacity • Activity Builder by Desmos

On slide 7 of this activity, I can only get the slide to accept the units if I use text instead of math but would prefer they use math. Does anyone know a way around this?

I tried using this on slide 7, and it worked:

when table5.cellContent(1,2)=“\frac{in^{3}}{\sec}” or table5.cellContent(1,2)=“\frac{cubic\ in}{\sec}” 1
otherwise 0

Two notes:

  1. The “sec” for seconds is interpreted as the secant function, hence the backslash. A similar thing happens back on slide 5; you can see that the “min” for minutes is interpreted as minimum - you would also need the backslash if you were checking a unit involving minutes.

  2. A quick way to get a working latex string is to open Preview, type in the response as you would want students to, and copy and paste that into the CL.

Hope that helps!