Degrees, Minutes, and Seconds

In this activity, I would like to do two things and I am not able to get it to work right.

  1. I would like on slide 3, for the students to enter their answers using the symbols for degrees, minutes, and seconds. I started by trying in latex and that did not work so I tried numeric value and still no luck and now I have errors.

  2. On slide 7, when students type 32.5% it automatically adds the word “of” behind the % and I would like it to not do that.

Thank you!

I ended up using initial latex to pre populate the table cells on this activity with the symbols for the degree in minutes and seconds: Angles in minutes and seconds • Activity Builder by Desmos

I used a hidden graph for the calculations.

#2. There are some other discussions about this on the forum. It’s just how Desmos calculator works. You can opt to use text instead of a math input, which means you can’t have a checkmark on that slide. You could use a text table cell instead.

This approach is a bit of a work around, but it should get these screens to work unless you are asking for students to supply the units.