Inequality constraints for a graph

Of course, I could do this using a geometry tool, but that has no CL associated with it and I need to use CL with this, so here goes.

The screen works perfectly for angles between 45 and 180 degrees but for whatever reason it does not function properly for angles between 0 and 45 degrees. Something about the constraints is off but I can’t see it at the moment.

The issue, I believe, lies in the constraints on line 19 of the graphing calculator.

Would appreciate your help.

I would add the following two lines in the calculator.

Circles and sectors are easier to define using polar coordinates (r,theta) as long as you are center at the origin.

I think there’s just something weird about how it renders. If you zoom a little when editing, it fills in. You might also use a compound inequality for line 19, instead of nesting y>=0, and you could use y>=max(0,m2x) for line 23.

Is it just that you want to rotate a thing around a bit, shade in the arc, and label the angle?

Something like this might be easier: Untitled Graph


I appreciate all suggestions and help. This is very helpful.