initialLatex not updating

I’m trying to set a prompt for students that is f(x)= in a mathInput box. My activity generates new functions to evaluate, and so the prompt should be f(8)=, for example.

I’ve gotten this to update in other elements dynamically, but it’s not working in the mathInput.

Strangely, with clearOnReset set to true, if you submit the mathInput and then click in there, THEN the prompt will update.

I feel like I’ve mistyped something somewhere, but I can’t find it…

NewFunction1.pressCount seems to be off by one. This change in your Answer1 Math Input CL worked for me:

resetOnChange: "${FunctionGraph2.number(`d`)}"
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Thanks! There is a small chance that the same number will be generated, but it does update now!

Actually, that’s mitigated by making a string composed of both the coefficient of x and the constant. It’s REALLY unlikely that neither will change!