Initiate an action on non-click condition

I want to set an action to occur when a timer reaches a specific value.

In this scenario

t is a timer running on repeat from 0 to 100
h is a value

I want h->0 when t=100

Is this possible?

Do you want it to h=0 permanently after t=100? Actions require an interaction, so you’ll need to use conditionals. Here’s a few possible solutions.

(Note: h_2=0 when t1=100, but doesn’t permanently set it.)
For the first one, t_imer is cycling through 0-99 (based on t_0), and h will set to 0 once t_0 goes over 100, but will go back to 50 once t_0 goes back to 0. So you may want to increase the upper bound, which may suit your purposes if the timer is set from a button press.

Here is a simplified version of what my activity requires:

I want to be able to add to h with the action, but also have it reset when t=100

Here is the activity (resetting line 15 when line 8 = 100)

I’m not sure it is possible in graphing calc only. This will eventually make its way into an activity, so I can just link repeat to a button.

How about this?:




where k is a constant