Instant Feedback for Students

I am asking students to perform a calculation and enter their rational number answer into the text input box. When they hit “Submit”, I want to give instant feedback on whether or not they’re correct. Something like “Correct” or “Try again.”

I’ve tried several things and I get an error message everytime.

Can anyone help me out?

What have you tried, and what kind of error are you getting?

The CL I was working on in the thread posted here has checking for a rational exponent, which was giving me some issues, but I managed to make it work:

Checking a rational number value would probably be similar. You can either check it directly in the CL (which I did on screen 3-4) or in a hidden graph component (which I did on screens 5-7). The CL for the feedback is basically the same in either case.

I’ve only tried copying and pasting from other activities that were achieving similar things. I changed the appropriate values and labels, but still can’t get it to work. I am VERY new at this.