Introduction to the Computation Layer #4

Here’s the link to the fourth webinar:

In this Webinar:

  • Learn about the correctness sink
  • Learn how to make a piecewise function evaluate conditions in a graph
  • Challenge yourself with different ways of showing correctness in a graph.

HOMEWORK for webinar #5:
Send me something that you would like to have correctness applied to. I will try to work through as many examples as I can during our time together.

The link supplied on this page and in the email sent does not work.

Thanks, looks like Discourse is having trouble playing it. I’ve included a hyperlink to navigate off site.

Thank you. Look forward to viewing it.

Thanks - just had a chance to watch the webinar!

These are awesome and so helpful! It also helps me understand and take apart other activities that I’ve seen (like the Lego activity!). Thanks for all of your hard work with these!