Trace a piecewise function

Hello - I was wondering how to trace a piecewise function with an image. I am not sure how to have it trace the pieces in order and one at a time.


You’ll want the “Share My Activity” link in the three dots menu (where you also find “Edit My Activity”). The link you shared just lets us enter as students.

…but you can do something like this. The domain restrictions will force the order:

Thanks for the tip. Here’s the link: Piecewise Trace • Activity Builder by Desmos

I don’t have to try your suggestion right now but will later on. Thanks!

Looks like you’re almost there. If you use one variable for all three functions, you won’t have to worry about “order” as the restrictions will take care of that. Also, you don’t need to have three separate images, you can use lists for the center! (Something really useful for people trying to make “infinite” cloners). You can see how I did that in my example.

I meant to write I don’t have time to try your suggestion…clearly I was in a hurry but happy to see that someone offered help!

Thank you so much for the help. I think it came out great!

It is an introduction to piecewise functions. :slight_smile:

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