Is it possible to hide screens through the CL?

In adapting my activities to be used both synchronously and asynchronously, certain screens (containing answers and explanations) need to be hidden while a student is using the activity asynchronously (in class, I use pacing instead).

I could restrict moving forward when the student reaches these screens, but I’d rather hide them so the student can proceed, and reveal them conditionally at the very end. Is this possible to do through the CL or I have to just restrict the screens?

yes - you can hide the component that contains the answer (but not an entire screen)!

You made them hidden based on some condition. For example it could be hidden based on pressing a button, entering a number, etc.

hidden: when [trigger] FALSE otherwise TRUE

the trigger could be: btn.pressCount>0


input.numericValue()=answer (whatever the answer is)


Yes that is an option I can consider, but these screens contain multiple components and it would be great if the entire screen could be hidden conditionally. Thank you for suggesting that.

Actually you can hide an entire screen using coverText in the screen CL (next to the Teacher Tips on the left). In the inverse way you hide a component, you can use a conditional to show a coverText (it’s basically text over the screen so you can’t see any other components). Default there is an Okay button that allows you to click to see the screen, but if you set the coverButtonLabel to “” then the button doesn’t appear, effectively locking out the screen until the condition for not showing the coverText is met.


Thank you, Daniel. I am aware of that option. However, I don’t want to block the student from proceeding through the activity. This option prevents them from continuing. My question is whether it’s possible to simply bypass this screen somehow so students can continue on. Thank you again for all your help.

It doesn’t stop you from continuing to the next slide, just from seeing material on the one with the coverText.