Keyboard command to enter math mode?

I think there is a keyboard shortcut to get in and out of the math editor without having to use the mouse or track pad.

Also, can I type something will give me the ∠ symbol and the ° symbol. I cut and paste them out off a website so I can write things like m∠1 = 30°. That slows me down, so I’m looking for ways to keep my hands on the keyboard.

Here’s a list of the shortcuts, but I don’t think I see one for what you are referring to.

As for the symbols, there might be keyboard shortcuts depending on your computer and operating system. If you do a Google search, you can probably find some instructions to accomplish this, although I have never managed to get the unicode shortcuts to work on my laptop.

If you mean the math editor when writing a note, say, in the activity builder, the shortcut is ` (usually below the esc key). You can either press the key again or just cursor out using the arrow keys to exit.

As for keyboard shortcuts for math: if you’re on a Windows computer, then you can use the emoji shortcut (Windows key + .) and tab over to the Ω symbol. Unfortunately, you can’t search for the symbols, but at least there is a “recently used” list that will save you some time. If you have a keyboard with a separate number pad, then you can use the alt codes: type alt + 0177 to get the degree symbol ° and alt + 8736 for the angle ∠ [note: these only work on a number pad and won’t work with the numbers under the function keys].

On a chromebook, you can type ctrl-shift-u and then the unicode number once you see the underlined u, then space. For °, ctrl-shift-u, then 00b0, then space. The unicode for ∠ is 2220.

Here is a nicely organized list of alt codes and unicodes.

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