Plus minus symbol question

When I copy and paste the plus/minus symbol into the CL it tells me that the command for it is \pm, but when I type that into the math input it does not format to the actual symbol. How can I type the symbol into the math input?

This is something that might work by using a multiple choice (button)

If the student submits or erases, I don’t think the button will bring it back. So, it works for a one time use.

@Jay is this an error or intentional? I know other things like sqrt is square root, nthroot is an n radical, infty is infinty symbol. I was hoping to make a question where students can input their answers with a plus or minus, but without being able to type it in I would have to paste it in the question and have them copy and paste it in their answers.

Its not so much an error as much as its a shortcut that does not exist. I’d recommend writing in to with that feature request.

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