Labels question

Another beginner’s question that is stumping me.

I have a text input component on one screen that I wish to use in a label on another screen.

The text input screen is called LensName.

I thought I could use LensName.content in a label on another screen, but all it does it print the words Lens,Name.content.

Is it me, or you can’t do what I’m trying to do?



Remove the quotes.
pointLabel(`A`): LensName.content
Or this:
pointLabel(`A`): "${LensName.content}"

When using quotes, it will always print what’s written unless you call CL code with ${ }.

Daniel that’s another beer I owe you :slight_smile:

That works for me.

BTW is there a resource that would help me understand CL better? So far I can only find a list of commands, but no examples.



Search for webinars. I think there are six posted here in the forums (not sure how updated they are now). There’s someone in the Desmos for Educators Facebook group that seems like he does some regular Zoom tutorials for free.