Latex 'cases' in CL

Now that Desmos supports latex, I am trying to figure out how to properly display systems of equations. Typically, I’ve used ‘cases’ to do this, but it doesn’t display when I type this in Desmos. Any ideas?


Could you post a screenshot of your end goal?
I don’t know if it helps but if you wrap CL text in marks that is what forces the enclosed text to render in latex.

Example: “The number is displayed in latex: `125`.”

Thanks - I put the latex in backticks and it didn’t render. Here’s what I’m trying to accomplish:


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This is probably my most wished-for feature in terms of Latex rendering. Sadly Desmos has not activated {cases} in Mathquill I believe.

Is there any idea of progress here? It appears it can be done on the mathquill side via this link.

It would be a game changer on my end. Thanks.