Law of sin not working

Slide 7 of this activity I am having some trouble. I am trying to have my randomized triangle to still have accurate measures. (its not needed, but I it would drive me nuts). I am trying to use the law of sin to create accurate angles. The problem is that when I use the calc on the activity it gives me the right number, but when I go to write the code for it the number is off. My guess would be that the code and the calc are in different modes? The bottom of the code on the table side are the a, b, c variables. a is one side, and b and c are based off of a. The current code for b has actual numbers in it because I am using that to have a base line before I put variables back in it. If someone could help me understand why the code isnt working for sin law I will be very grateful

I don’t have to make many activities that involve trig functions, but if I remember correctly, most things in the activity builder operate in radian mode. If you want to stick with degrees, you could maybe use a hidden calculator and pull the values from that with CL?

Do you have an example of what that would look like?

I multiplied the degrees within the CL by 0.0174533 and it seems to output the right answer

I just want to mention that the table is already in math mode, so you don’t need the backticks. Also, you can paste a degree symbol in instead of using the letter “o” as a superscript. cellContent(1,1): "∠${var1}=${var1A}°"

The ticks are force of habit. Good call on the degree symbol though!