WorkInProgress--Trig ratios in the coordinate plane • Activity Builder by Desmos

I cannot figure out the CL for negative numbers and square roots for self-checking in the table. I understand that countNumberUsage will only look through the LaTeX string and search for pure numbers. But I am not sure how to tweak the function evaluation to make it pick up the negative and make it positive. And I am not sure how to tackle the radical.
In the activity, you can see that slide 3 works, but after that I have errors because of the negative and radicals. Thanks in advance.

Just remove the negatives from the countNumberUsage, then it works. Plus, if a student were to put -15/8, shouldn’t that be correct since they’re simplifying the fraction?

OH! Thank you. Now I understand that part of the coding. That makes sense. and I think I figured out radical also. Thanks!

Also, I like how you used cellSuffix for your checkmark. I’ve been using an entirely new column. Not really any difference with how much code, but visually I like it better than I’ve been doing. So thanks for teaching me something new too!

Creds to Jay Chow…he showed me how to do that and several other pretty slick things. Glad you gained something from my question that seems really silly to me now :slight_smile:

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