Lesson Feedback

Hi! I go through the students activities after they are done and provide feedback on the incorrect slides but for those that get them all right, I put a little feedback on the last slide (partly so I know I already viewed it). Is there a way to paste a picture or GIF or something more fun into the lesson feedback? Right now, I am just typing, “Great job!” or “Keep it up!” or “Excellent!” and after a while it just gets boring.

I have never thought to try, but I bet you can use emojis from emojipedia. They seem to work everywhere else text is used.

I’ve not used that particular emoji generator, but I have definitely put emojis into the feedback before.

Thank you! That worked.

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You can only add gifs as a media or image component, which you can conditionally hide, but I think that actually clutters the dashboard if I recall correctly. I’ve also used a graph to conditionally display different images, which is a bit cleaner in the dashboard.