Lists of available sinks

I am learning CL. It would be helpful for me to know all of the possibilities for sinks. Is there a master list with a description of each? Thank you!

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I would also love a list of souce codes (or whatever you call the thing after the dot in a source.) Thank yiu again!

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Here’s the link to the CL documentation. You can also always click the Help icon when you’re in the CL of an activity to link directly to that section of the documentation.

Note that some sinks are not specific to a component and may be listed in the Advanced section near the bottom.

I have read that document many times. I just want a list of all possible green words. I don’t know all of the possibilities until I discover one in someone else’s activity. In the documentation it lists the only possible sinks for a note as “content” and “hidden.” I am sure there are many others to use in a note. Playing with it now I see exportNumber, but I don’t see that in the documentation. I am not sure what that does. Thanks.

If it’s any consolation this issue has been raised many times.

It’s a serious problem interfering with user engagement and platform adoption. Hopefully it will improve.


The ones in the documentation are the “publicly available” ones. There are some that you can access but aren’t considered public. I asked about the different export… sinks and was told they’re for use with some of the proprietary activities, but don’t do anything outside of that.

That is really missed up guys. I want to know what it is.
I am trying to set numerical values at the top of a slide using a note component. so I can use these values over and over again in other components.

Hey Conrado,

You might be searching for this sort of thing:

Create your values in one component (let’s call that component note1), for example:

number1 = 4

In any other element, refer to that value:

number1somewhereElse = note1.script.number1

“script” is key here - it lets you refer to things in other components.

Is that what you’ve been searching for?

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