Looking for a way to copy entire screen from one activity to another activity

I am in the position of wanting to copy a selection of screens from some activities into other activities. In no cases is it suitable to copy and edit the entire activity.

I know I can copy the individual graphs via “Edit graph on Desmos” and then paste them in, but I am looking for a faster way to copy all the components including media, notes, multiple choice options and the computation layer code.

Is there any way to do this, even if it involves brittle (hitherto undocumented) browser/console based tricks?

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Sorry. There’s no good solution for this yet. It sounds like you already know all the tricks we use.

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You’re correct - they have added this excellent feature since the original correspondence back in 2018.

Now I want to be able to copy and paste individual
components from a screen. Hopefully within two years that functionality will be provided too!

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