"What's my transformation?"

I’m trying to copy and edit this activity but it says I can’t due to a “Deprecated feature”. Is there a work around?

You’d have to start from scratch, but I know Desmos is working on updating their activities. No ETA though.

That activity has actually been taken off of our list of publicly searchable activities because it requires tech that doesn’t yet exist. No set timeline on when (or if) we bring it back into the search pool.

Are there any particular screens you’re interested in, or did you want to copy the entire activity? Screens 6,7,10,11, and 14 can’t be copied, but I can provide you a copy of any of the other screens if you’d like.

Sure Jay I’ll take a copy of the screens you’re allowed to copy. That’ll make a great starting point to my lesson.

Here you go! What's My Transformation? Copy-able Screens • Activity Builder by Desmos