Making an ogive with continuous series table (less than and more than)

Hi, I’m new to using desmos and was trying to make an ogive curve using it by inserting a table.
However, when i choose the line feature to plot the points on the table it plots a straight line between each point.
I was wondering if there was any way to make it an ogive curve, since those arent supposed to be plotted as straight lines?

There’s no built-in option for a curved connection between points in a table, but there is almost certainly some way to define your own “spline” between the values. I’m actually not familiar with the vocab “ogive curve”, so don’t know exactly where to point you, but I suspect a “natural cubic spline” or “cardinal spline” might be what you are picturing. Unfortunately, I don’t have a ready-made solution for you! I found this graph in my archives, from a number of years back — it’s not quite correct, and misses out on a number of newer graph functions (line 3 could just be x0=sort(x1) these days). But, maybe it’s helpful to you!