Graphing continuous from table points

What I want… students enter points in a table, they are show up in the graph but connected (sorry hard to describe).

My students are plotting inverses from tables. I know how (from seeing someone else’s activity) to show a line on the graph, then they plot the inverse points and it shows the inverse line. But I’d like to show, for instance, a quadratic. Then when they write inverse points in the table, it plots the inverse curve. I can only figure out how to do that for a line, not for a curve.

Is that possible?

Here’s the start. I have slides 2 and 3 with lines. Was using slide 4 to try other curves.

You’d need to pull columnNumericValues from your tables to make lists, x1,y1, x2, and y2, but this is the best you could do. You might want to note to students if their points don’t fall on the curve, they have errors in their tables.

Thanks. I’m leaning now toward just having them plot points and click a button to see the related graph (and see whether their points are on the graph. Mainly cause my CL skill are still tenuous. =)