Marking Answers Correct in Simplest Radical Form

Good afternoon! On slide 1, I am hoping to have students type their answer in simplest radical form and have ONLY this form marked as correct on the dashboard (i.e., not just the correct numerical value). Is there a way to do this in a math input format? Thanks in advance!

Yes, using a correct check with latex. [Copy of] Unit 6 Test (Solving Quadratics) • Activity Builder by Desmos

You should check the value, and then use countNumberUsage. The countNumberUsage requires students to have that number in the response.

Suppose you wanted sqrt(3)/2:

check= this.numericValue<0.867 and
this.numericValue>0.865 and
countNumberUsage(this.latex,3)=1 and

correct: check

For sqrt(360) which simplifies to 6*sqrt(10):

check= this.numericValue<18.98 and
this.numericValue>18.97 and
countNumberUsage(this.latex,6)=1 and

correct: check

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Thank you both so much!